Wednesday 16 January 2013

Why is Time's Bangkok correspondent, Robert Horn, rationalising the imprisonment of Thai political prisoners?

Time magazines’s Bangkok correspondent, Robert Horn, has long made it pretty clear that his sympathies lie with Abhisit and the idiotic and murderous Thai Democrat Party. (Some of the other rumours about Horn’s affection for the seedier side of Bangkok’s nightlife are unrepeatable on this family-friendly blog.)

But this comment by Horn on Team Korn’s Facebook page is an utter disgrace (please click to enlarge).

In this comment he reveals his full support for the process which put Thai political prisoner, Ampol Tangnopkul (AKA Ah Kong) in prison – something that ultimately killed him - and also claims that the SMS messages attributed to Ah Kong made threats of violence. Horn's does this in an attempt to rationalise his personal support for Abhisit, despite the former PM's vicious use of the lese majeste law to attack ordinary Thai citizens.  

Only the lowest form of “journalistic” life would seek to rationalise anything about Abhisit’s government's lese majeste campaign – something which was the product of the most censorious and draconian regime in Thailand’s history - whilst attempting to infer extra blame against a dead and innocent man.

But, in the final analysis, Robert Horn absolutely typifies the apologists for massacres, coups and fascism that make up the Western media in Bangkok, many of whom are extraordinarily close to the notoriously anti-democrat Democrat Party. These journalists' lies, half-truths, politicisation and bogus claims at “objectivity” are clearly part of  problem and part of the reason why Abhisit’s government got away with using snipers to murder dozens of unarmed civilians on Bangkok’s streets in 2010. 

Given that Horn makes his comment with a straight face on the most ludicrous attempt yet by the Democrats to claim they are being "oppressed" when, actually, the real root of their problem is that are not only unelectable but unfit to hold any kind of office, makes Horn look like even more of a Democrat Party toad than he already is. 

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