Monday 30 September 2013

News on the whereabouts of GJ BKK - UPDATE

UPDATE - Been reliably informed that this links to the real story of what happened to GJ BKK -

A rather unpleasant story to say the least.

As a result I will be deleting this post within a few days.

I've just had some further information from the British Embassy that might shed more light on GJ BKK's situation.

Their spokesperson said

We’re not aware of any British Nationals being detained in Thailand under the Computer Crimes Act.  Also we’re not aware of any British detainee that doesn’t have full access to public visits, or who has been detained secretly.

Hopefully that will now stop the more outlandish rumours that have been circulating regarding GJ BKK. 

Over the last couple of weeks there has been a lot of concern regarding the British Thai-based blogger known as GJ BKK.

Since finding out about GJ's disappearance I've been in contact with people at the British Embassy in Bangkok, including Ambassador Mark Kent to find out what is actually going on and to put paid to some of the rumours that have developed.

When I first asked the Embassy to look into this matter I was told by my sources that GJ's name was "George Jones". This name turned out to be incorrect but after sending the Embassy a photograph of GJ the following has been confirmed.

Today an Embassy spokesperson told me 

We have checked with the Consular Team and can confirm that we are aware of the arrest of Mr Jones and are providing consular assistance.  Due to our Data Protection Policy we are unable to give further details. Apologies that a disparity in the names meant we were unable to make the link when you sent us your earlier message. We are not aware of any cases of British citizens detained in Thailand on lese majeste-related charges. 
So some good news at least - GJ has not been arrested on LM charges.

I have followed up with a question to ask if any British citizen is detained on Computer Crime Act-related charges and am awaiting a response from the Embassy. 

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  1. this is what happened to him.


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