Tuesday 8 July 2014

Thai-based US Billionaire Bill Heinecke Is Making A Lot Money From The Thai Coup - But Who Else Is?

The Bangkok-based and naturalised-Thai US billionaire Bill Heinecke is already on the record with his disgraceful anti-democracy diatribe

His earlier rationalisation of the Thai military coup, which has stripped 10s of millions of ordinary Thais of all their democratic, civil, political and human rights, marked a particularly disgusting low point in the life of a man who has clearly benefited greatly from Thailand's appalling economic inequalities. Thankfully David Streckfuss was on hand to demolish Heinecke's awful, fascist-pandering nonsense at New Mandala

Bill Heinecke (with appropriate yellow skin).

Yet today - with what appears to be an unconsciously self-parody of an interview on the Bloomberg news website - Heinecke has surpassed himself and sealed forever his image as the unprincipled, grasping, amoral and vicious Thai version of Mr Burns 

Bloomberg reports that
Heinecke "still sees any coup-induced ructions in Thai markets as buying opportunities, as he’d suggested during an interview before the takeover in his cluttered office some 5 kilometers (3 miles) from his penthouse: “The best time to move in is when others are moving out. All this talk of civil war is nonsense.”" 
And guess who Bloomberg reveal as benefiting from the increase in Heinecke's wealth? The Thai Royal Family.
These holdings and others come under Heinecke’s Bangkok-listed Minor International Pcl...A prime beneficiary of Minor’s surge is Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej, who owns 2 percent of the company in his own name. Another 4 percent is held by other royal family members
This begs the simple question - if Heinecke is financially benefitting from Thailand's military coup who else is?

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  1. HaHa....Mr. Burns. Will they bring their fortunes with them when they die?


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