Friday 23 November 2012

Pitak Siam: "We have no control."

After "guards" of the neo-fascist Pitak Siam movement launched an unprovoked physical assault on pro-democracy Green Light activists today at Nang Lerng, MCOT are reporting that representatives of Pitak Siam have stated that the movement has "no control" over their own supporters.

Whilst issuing an apology for the attack a representative of the Pitak Siam youth movement Mr Wasin also stated the Pitak Siam guards became so angry when they saw Green Lights they "couldn't contain their anger."

This startling admission by Pitak Siam is a genuine cause for concern. That benign student activists holding placards evinces violence we can plainly see the game plan of Pitak Siam emerging. The need for the democratically-elected government to protect itself from violent fascists by invoking the ISA is now self-evident.

The video of part of the attack is here.

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