Friday 23 November 2012

UPDATE: With video. Violent Thai neo-fascist Pitak Siam group attack student activists

Reports are coming in that a mob of 400 supporters of the neo-fascist and anti-democratic Pitak Siam movement attacked and beat up members of the pro-democracy Green Light student activist group.

A report in Thai can be found here.

A video has also emerged of what appear to be Pitak Siam supporters threatening and abusing Green Light activists (h/t @ZeitgeistTH)

A source has made the as yet unconfirmed report that at least one member of Green Light was surrounded by 5 Pitak Siam supporters and "punched".

The attack allegedly occurred at the Nang Lerng intersection near the Royal Turf Club, one of the sites that will be used by the Pitak Siam movement during their protests this coming Saturday, 24th November.

Members of Green Light protesting (from
Pitak Siam are a self-proclaimed movement against democracy whose sole aim is to overthrow the democratically elected government and replace it with an unspecified form of government that will "freeze Thailand" for 5years. They are aiming to bring 100,000 anti-democracy protesters onto the street amid very strong and well-founded rumours that Pitak Siam will use violence to force a confrontation with the government. Pitak Siam are also backed by the Thai "Democrat Party" - which is led by British-born/national former Thai PM, Abhisit Vejjajiva.

In response to Pitak Siam the government has invoked the Internal Security Act - please read my discussion about this law here.

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