Tuesday 16 April 2013

Korn: "Dr Thaksin offered me a job"

With all the hullabaloo about Korn's recent visit to Hong Kong where he "accidentally" ended up in the same hotel on the same day as Thaksin Shinawatra I was reminded of something he told me back in early 2011 when I him interviewed for Asian Correspondent.

Dr Thaksin once offered me a job but I turned him down

I would also say that while Korn is a patrician hi-so to his very finger tips he is also not very ideological. He is somebody, in my view, who is very much a technocrat rather than a conviction politician and could easily, in the right conditions have his head turned. 

The story that Korn was in Hong Kong to "spy" makes no sense at all - at over 6feet high he's one of the tallest Thais I've ever met and, due to his height, stands out like a sore thumb pretty much everywhere he goes in SE Asia. He'd be the last person you'd send to do covert work.

As for Korn's much touted allegiance to Abhisit - no, I don't buy it. 

Sources I have who are very close to Abhisit had nothing good at all to say about the Democrat Party leader. In fact they made it very clear they felt he was an awful man who was destroying the Democrat Party.

So, would Korn jump ship to Pheu Thai? Unlikely but could a deal be made to put Korn in the leadership position in exchange for Abhisit going to jail? 

Here's hoping.


  1. He was never a technocrat... he was an investment banker! Profit above all, whatever it takes, no limits.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see him sell out his own parents, let alone his party, for a buck.

  2. Fair point anonymous... maybe he did sell Abhisit out? He's no longer in Mark's increasingly smaller "inner circle" and as I said Korn's image of trenchant loyalty to the Bangkok Butcher is a bit staged.


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