Friday 19 April 2013

Thai Army - a video of criminals at work

Seems like the Thai Army are up to their old tricks of brutalising their own soldiers.

A new video clip of a group of Thai Army officers torturing and beating an ordinary conscript has emerged revealing, once again, what a vicious bunch of thugs they are.

Of course armies need to be tough and soldiers should be able to fulfil their duties but there is something vicious and undisciplined about the Thai Army - something that resembles a gangster clique rather than professional, honourable fighting men.

But then the Thai Army with its long history of massacres and coups has never really had to defend Thailand from anything more than unarmed students, refugees and pro-democracy protesters. To routinely shoot your own citizens is not the work of soldiers but of criminals.

And who arms and trains this rabble?

Just ask the air-headed US Ambassador Kristie Kenney or the slippery UK envoy Mark Kent.

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