Thursday 28 November 2013

UPDATE Hospital under seige by Thai "Democrat" Party will evacuate patients

UPDATE: Thai news source TNN is quoting a senior police administrator that the Police Hospital will be "evacuated".

UPDATE 2: It now seems that not the entire hospital had its supply cut off but that several buildings within the compound did. Medical equipment using large amounts of electricity were not working properly and there has been a planned evacuation of patients from the ICU department. 
In quite a shocking development news is coming in from multiple Thai language media sources that the "Democrat" Party protest mob have cut the electricity and water to the large Police Hospital (it is, in fact, a public hospital) in downtown Bangkok.

The reports, which are also coming from usually pro-Democrat Party newspapers - here and here an English language source is here - state the blackshirted, anti-democratic protesters were attempting to shut off electricity/water to the main Police HQ in central Bangkok. They were warned that if they did so they would also shut down the electricity and water to the hospital which shares the same compound. 

Regardless they cut the supplies anyway.

According to a source specialising in hospital equipment they are likely to have back-up batteries and generators that would last for few hours.

This source, who sells medical equipment to Thai hospitals told me that 

Individual pieces of equipment such as mobile x-rays and the like have battery back up for a couple of hours depending on the age, the rest pretty much will be depending on generators that will have to be refueled and in this situation that does not seem possible, my guess is if the generators are full and they shut down as much as they can they might last until the morning.

What then? Deaths?

These protesters are explicitly fascist and to call them any other than that is just collusion.


  1. I am very angry and will wait a while before responding.

    1. i didn't wait!!!
      nov, 29th, 02:28

  2. i'm shocked to read about the cut off in a hospital!!!
    what's in the brain of these people?? how can it be all the same to these people claiming someones life????
    if a patient dies due to this wretched stupidity i hope that those responsible will be brought to justice!


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