Wednesday 27 November 2013

VIDEO As Western media collude with fascism Thai Democrat Party street thugs attack Red Shirts

The political crisis in Thailand is reaching fever pitch as a Democrat Party-led street protest threatens to boil over into violence.

Last night on the fringes of central Bangkok, just off the main Lad Prao Road and near a pro-democracy Red Shirt gathering, street thugs linked to the Democrat Party violently attacked two men they assumed to be Red Shirts - see the first video below. 

In the second video below it also appears that they made their victims strip first before they beat them.

(Links to the videos can also be found here and here if they don't play below)

This comes only a couple of days after a Democrat Party MP exhorted a mob to attack a German freelance journalist who they deemed disloyal to their cause. 

There's no doubt - if there ever was in the first place - that the Democrat Party's fascistic anti-democratic politics are now being explicitly proclaimed.

Unfortunately most of the English language media in Bangkok - including even the renowned anonymous blogger Bangkok Pundit - appear to be unable to name this fascism and sometimes even seem to be colluding with Democrat Party and fascistic elements (the US journalist in this tweet is thanking a well-known extreme rightwing Democrat Party official who had previously smeared a dead political prisoner). Yet the most bizarre moment came when BBC Bangkok correspondent, Jonathan Head, admitted to "hugging" some of the blackshirted, anti-democrat and fascist activists.

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