Wednesday 4 December 2013

A mini-guide to Thai political and media Doublespeak

I have decided to put together a small guide to the Doublespeak used by Thai fascist supporters, Abhisit Vejjajiva and other Democrat Party stooges and the usual weak reporting produced by the Western media in Thailand.

I'm sure some people will disagree with my interpretations so please leave your own in the comments box.

Reform - find a new way to undermine democracy 

1 Million people - 50,000 people

Vast majority - small very violent minority

Tyranny – democratically-elected government

Thaksin-regime – a democratically-elected government led by or allied with the most popular Prime Minister in Thailand’s history.

Illegitimate – not backed by the Bangkok elites

Legitimate – backed by the Bangkok elites

Populist – health care, nascent welfare state, wealth re-distribution

Vote-buying – see Populist

Peaceful – violent

People’s Council – unelected body appointed by tiny unrepresentative group of unelected elite persons.

Anti-government protesters – anti-democracy rioters

Pro-government supporters – pro-democracy activists

Democrat Party  – an ultra-nationalistic and violent Thai fascist party absolutely opposed to democracy led by an "educated" British citizen, Abhisit Vejjajiva.

Educated - rich and stupid

Uneducated - poor and clever

Good people – unelected representatives of tiny elite groups

Bad people – elected representatives of the Thai people as mandated in a free and democratic election

"We are winning" - we are losing

Proportionate force - excessive violence


  1. There are the various insults of Yingluck. Two off the top of my head: stupid (not born to expat parents in England and/or sent for education at Eton & Oxford) and slutty bitch (a woman, at least that seems to be the main complaint). I'd like to emphasize though that this is entirely coincidental and the Democrat Party is not in any way the party of privilege.

  2. The following was written in 2010:

    Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra = Emmanuel Goldstein

    “Reconciliation” = the ability to practice Doublethink

    “The Reconciliation Plan” = The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism

    The Nation/ Post/Thai TV/TOT, etc, et al = The Ministry of Truth

    The place where Red Shirt leaders are being jailed as ‘terrorists’ = Room 101

    New loyalty oaths / new purity tests / compulsory prostration before images / witchhunts / claims of soldiers killing civilians as ‘normal’ and perfectly justified = “2+2 = 5” or “3 fingers, Winston”

    Our Yellow Shirt Overlords or The face of Neoliberal Capitalism in Thailand = Oceania

    Majority of Thai people and especially Isaan people = East-asia

    Nullification of the results of popular elections using military coups and partisan judicial activism = “Oceania is at war with with East-asia. Oceania has always been at war with East-asia.”

    Video of A 1984 Yellow Rally

  3. Direct and to the point - not a shred of verbosity. Refreshing! The original text had a pure, undiluted power imho.

    It seems the elites simply cannot bear the idea of democracy and far prefer to simply ignore what the people vote for and put in their favourites by way way of violent military might.

  4. LOL This's so fuckin real.

  5. good prime minister = nearly a hundred civilian casualties
    bad prime minister or slut = 4 civilian casualties with uncertain cause
    peaceful suppress = lived fires
    tyranny suppress = teargas and rubber bullets

  6. They ran into bullets - they were shot and killed in cold blood

  7. Realy,what party is right? It seems both sides havent done any thing right. VIOLENCE,BEATINGS,KILLING.Neither parties are good.

  8. What about the people who want to just go about their daily business ?

  9. Road map to reconciliation = Democrat derailment

  10. It 's funny but actually its's deadly true!!!

    //// Laugh out loud :)

  11. This is so frickin' true!
    One is bad and one is even worse... I let you guys consider which ones they both are.


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