Friday 6 December 2013

VIDEO 2: Thai Democrat Party fascist thugs run amok - AGAIN

I blogged earlier regarding a beating that Democrat Party fascist thugs meted out to a Red Shirt activist.

Well it appears that Abhisit's vicious blackshirt hooligans are running amok as another video has surfaced of his stormtroopers delivering a brutal beating to another person. This time someone they believe was involved in an attack on their protest.

It's fair to say that the victim may not have survived the attack and, at times, he appears to be hit with machetes, sticks, iron and wooden bars by multiple people for several minutes.

There is now no other way to describe Abhisit and Suthep's "protesters" except as violent criminals.

Yet Suthep and Abhisit's taste for blood is renowned in Thailand and it is very unlikely this two psychopaths will be happy until the have a big pile of corpses to languish upon.

I must warn viewers that this video is shocking and graphic 
(it has quite a long intro so forward to 2min 40secs - I have seen some photos of the victim after the attack but they are too graphic to publish here). I post it here to archive Abhisit and Suthep's responsibility for another round of violence.

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