Friday 6 December 2013

VIDEO: This is the "Democrat" Party's future for Thailand - savage beatings for pro-democracy activists

On morning of 6th December near the site of the fascistic Thai "Democrat" Party's ongoing rally a group of Black and Yellow shirt thugs attacked and savagely beat a pro-democracy activist.

The attack - which appears to be nothing less than attempted murder - shows a group of what Thai fascist leader Abhisit Vejjajiva termed "peaceful protesters" (please see my guide to Abhisit-esque Doublespeak here) hunting down and attacking a passer-by that they assumed to be a pro-democracy Red Shirt activist.

The video below shows the man beaten about the head with sticks, and stamped and kicked. 

Once again this event has been almost completely ignored, not only by the foreign media in Bangkok but also by the equally insipid English-language news bloggers such as Bangkok Pundit etc.

The video below is graphic and quite terrifying - viewer discretion is advised.

A link to the video can also be found here.

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