Saturday 24 May 2014

Who Are Thai Activists/Academics/Politicians Sought by Thai Army for Detention?

Here is the list of the 35 names sought for detention by the Thai Army.

This has been done in a rush but I've included what I know about them - if you know more add as a comment with the corresponding number.

As far as I can tell there are NO "Democrat" Party members included on this list. 

1. Mr. Krieng Kantinan 

2. Pol. Lt. Gen Chalong Sonjai

3. Pol. Gen Pracha Phomnok - former minister of justice

4. Mr. Phipatchai Paiboon

5. Mr. Sonthi Limthongkul - former leader of PAD movement

6. Mr. Worachet Phakkirat - academic, lawyer and member of pro-democracy and progressive Nitirat group of law experts and academics

7. Mr. Phetchawat Wattanaphongsirikul - leader of Red Shirts in Chiang Mai

8. Pol Prasit Chaiyasrisa - former Pheu Thai MP

9. Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin - former Pheu Thai MP

10. Mr. Suwat Liptaphanlop - former Deputy PM to Thaksin Shinawatra

11. Mr. Anuthin Chanwirakul - former leader of Bhum Jai Thai Party.

12. Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng

13. Mr. Surachai Tanwattananusorn - Also known as Surachia Sae-dan. Former lese majeste prisoner and political activist.

14. Mr. Sunai Chulaphongsathorn - former Pheu Thai MP and pro-democracy activist

15. Mr. Sa-gnuan Phongmanee

16. Mr. Pavin Chatchawalpongpan - academic, not in country

17. Mr. Thanapol Eawsakul - editor of pro-democracy Same Sky magazine.

18. Mr. Nat Satthayapornpisut - former lese majeste prisoner

19. Mr. Jakraphan Borirak - pro-democracy activist and Red Shirt radio host.

20. Mr. Thanthawut Thaweewatlodomkul - former lese majeste prisoner

21. Mr. Warawut Thanangkorn

22. Mr. Somsak Jiamthirasakul - Thai academic and historian

23. Mr. Suraphak Phuchaisaeng - former lese majeste prisoner and pro-democracy activist

24. Mr. Suraphot Thaweesak

25. Mr. Phanthiwa Phumiprathet

26. Chanin Klaiklung - Air force officer awaiting trial for lese majeste.

27. Mr. Nitiwat Wanasiri

28. Mr. Saran Chuichai

29. Miss Suda Rangkuphan - Thai academic and pro-democracy political activist

30. Mr. Traiwong Sinsuppon

31. Mr. Chai-anan Phaisithong

32. Mr. Chut (?) Yonoknakphan

33. Mr. Wat Wanlayangkul - author and writer

34. Miss Saotri Suksri - member of pro-democracy and progressive Nitirat group of law experts and academics

35. Mrs. Sutsa-nguan Sutthison - Thai academic and pro-democracy political activist


  1. cannot see any neo-fascists in this list who broke every law in the country past few months; suthep's thugs who murdered, stole, raped, and nearly destoyed the national economy

    1. Mr. Sonthi Limthongkul - former leader of PAD movement

      You can't get more fascist than him.

  2. Then the intelligence will need to run. There is no way democracy will flourish if most of the independent thinkers allow themselves to be captured.


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