Thursday 29 May 2014

Mini-guide to Thai Junta DoubleSpeak - A New Era!

Back in December I published a mini-guide to Thai Political DoubleSpeak.

With a military junta now in power a new era in DoubleSpeak has begun.

Here are my interpretations - leave yours in the comments section.

Removing Thaksin’s Influence - removing democratically mandated public servants and lawmakers.

Arrested = kidnapped

Detained = held hostage

Trial = punishment

Crimes = lawful acts

National Council for Peace and Order = National Council for Hate and Crime

Lawful acts = crimes

Royal endorsement = unsigned document of dubious origin

Advisors = cronies 

Happiness = a state of continual fear

Thailand is a failed state = we were very involved in creating conditions which guaranteed Thailand’s failed state

Thai Army = criminal gang

Elections = something we will lose and something we fear very very much

Illegal protests = legal resistance

Lese majeste syndicate = ordinary citizens harmlessly engaging in freedom of expression

Reconciliation Centres = Internment Camps


  1. Democrat party = fascist milicia

  2. Accusation of being a 'corrupt politician' = Monarchy says you need to go - becoming too popular.

  3. For the good of Thailand = Return to Rama IV and restore slavery


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