Sunday 1 June 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Interview With On The Run Thai Pro-Democracy Activist, Nuling (Sombat Boonngamanong)

Sombat Boonngamanong - more commonly known by his nom de guerre "Nuling" - is one of Thailand's leading and most courageous pro-democracy Red Shirt activists.

Since the military coup of 22nd May Nuling has been sought by the Thai junta and Thai Army. Since going on the run the Army have targeted Nuling's 16year old daughter in an attempt get him to hand himself in.

At the moment Nuling remains "underground" but I recently had the chance to interview him (the Thai version appears here).

How do you feel about the Thai Army harassing your daughter?

It is disgusting that the army is harassing my family and daughter as they have no political role. But they want to put pressure on me - to make me feel worried. They want me to know that they can reach my daughter and this is the method that those "strong" soldier use.

Why did you go on the run?  

I am summoned by the coup leaders - it is wrong for those who use force or ams to seize the people’s power and to then order any citizen to report to them. As one of the leaders of Red Sunday group my group had a leading role in holding an anti-coup rally during the 2006 coup and has since continued to do pro-democracy activities, I can’t accept the military coup so I refuse to hand myself in. But since I've started doing more anti-coup activities via social media they are making a very serious effort to hunt me down.

Do you have a message for the Thai junta?

What I want to tell the dictatorial military junta is what you think your powers derive from are actually the fundamental political rights of the people. You don’t perform your army duty to protect us but to rob the people of our basic rights. You are not heroes but political thieves.

Can you divulge any future plans?

My plan to to oppose to the coup. I will do activities to let the world know that Thai people do not agree with the coup and we will be like a sharp thorn stabbing the coup leaders. We will constantly remind them that we don’t agree with them and will oppose them. I want to use this opportunity to awake people's democratic consciousness even whilst they are living in fear.


  1. This is what the Thai people need. Someone they can emulate: intelligent, witty, and fearless.

  2. We Thais are not living in fear anymore. In fact we feel more secure that Nuling is not amongst us to cause more problems. All Nuling is doing is dividing the country even more with his extremist views. He needs to understand that that the majority of people don't think like him. He thinks he can go on causing trouble through social media but he will realize it himself one day that he is only causing more pain and suffering for himself.

    1. Sorry but you don't speak for "all" Thais.

      In fact, ALL the evidence points to the reverse of your view.

      Thais like elections, like voting in elections and vote for parties to which the likes of Nuling are broadly aligned. Those Thais have helped those parties win 6 back to back landslide election victories.

      So the Thais you speak for are the minority of wealthy, privileged, arrogant, fascistic Thais who HATE democracy and FEAR their own people to the degree that they are prepared to harass their families and even kill them.

      The ONLY extremists are the Thai Army and their supporters.

      The ONLY people causing chaos and violence are the Thai Army and their supporters.

      The ONLY people causing pain and suffering are the Thai Army and their supporters.

    2. Probably, the Thais that you claimed like the Corruption too.

    3. How did you know that, Thai military junta will not make the Corruption too?

    4. Thai Army consists 100% Thai's. As for corruption - I remind you of the "Bomb dedection supply" scandal and many more. Anyway. I wonder why a single person refers to "We Thais" - you didn't ask for my/our opinion. Or only those in support of the coup are Thais and all the others are Un-Thais? Or you divide in Thai-People and Thai-Buffalos?

  3. ขี้เกีจจะเถียงกันเป็นภาษาปะกิด ความยุ่งเหยิงมันมากเพราะมีคนทำ ตั้งใจให้มันเป็น มันจะมีเหตุผลพอไหมที่จะรัฐประหารก้อไปถามดูว่าใข่สิ่งที่เขาต้องการไหม กว่าประชาธิปไตยจะเบ่งบานในโลก มันก้อใช้เวลาในการเรียนรุ้มากี่ร้อยกี่พันปี กับการอดทนรอเพื่อแก้ไข ไม่รุ้ว่าพ่อใครจะตายถึงต้องรีบเปลี่ยนแปลง เหมือนนิสัยคนไทยชอบใช้ซอฟแวร์ไมโครซอฟเถื่อน ถึงเวลาติดไวรัสก้อเอาไปล้างลงใหม่ ง่ายๆสบายแบบไทย ไม่ยอมที่จะเรียนรุ้แก้ไขทำให้ถูก แบบนี้เสมอมา


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