Monday 10 September 2012

Abhisit, the Ice Cream Gang and the pedicure

Abhisit is whining again.

He has form on this - his whining when confronted by Thai trade unionist, Jittra Kotchadet, back during the 2011 election campaign was pathetic enough but this article in today's Bangkok Post marks him down for having achieved a whole new level of whinging.

Abhisit doing a Kim Jong-il impersonation

I don't need to add much more than what was said in this Political Prisoners Thailand blog post entitled Abhisit's Narcissistic Rage - it's worth a read as it summarises perfectly the contrast between what goes on inside Abhisit's head and actual reality - but I would like to introduce to a wider audience a couple of the unsubstantiated rumours that persist about Abhisit.

The first is that Abhisit's most toadying acolytes, Democrat Party MP, Sirichoke Sopha aka Wallpaper (called this because he always stands behind Abhisit looking completely blank), gave Mark a pedicure during their time together at Camp 11 during the April/May 2010 crackdown against pro-democracy protesters that left over 90dead & 2000 injured.

It's not a nice image, is it?

But, it is unsubstantiated. For now at least.

The second completely unsubstantiated rumour is that when ensconced under Army protection in Camp 11Abhisit and his cronies were referred to by their Army colleagues as the Ice Cream Gang. This was because they sat around eating ice cream and not knowing what to do.

Therefore Abhisit, rather remarkably, has managed to combine two undesirable characteristics as part of his public image - that of a brutal, unelected despot willing to shoot his own citizens in order to retain that power, along with an image of a simpering lightweight getting toenail care from his underlings.


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