Tuesday 11 September 2012

Abhisit's Democrat Party serve up Shark Fin soup to celebrate the floods

In quite possibly their most tacky and obnoxious move to date - and there's certainly a long list of vile acts to choose from - Thailand's Democrat Party have hosted an elaborate and no-doubt expensive party to mark the "failures" of the present democratically elected government's ability to deal with the "coming" floods.

According to a report in the Democrat Party-sympathetic Daily News, Abhisit and his associated cronies, stooges and rich-kid buddies gorged themselves on shark fin, Peking Duck and scallops at one of Bangkok's most expensive hotels, the Four Seasons.

Former Dem Party PMs, Abhist and Chuan, enjoy a fine red wine and shark fin as Thailand floods

Even before we get onto the fact that shark fin was on the menu we should remember that this smorgasbord of expensive delicacies likely cost, per head, a poor Thai's average monthly salary. And, apparently, this was all laid on to sneer at the government during another bad flood season.

It's literally incredible to think that whilst ordinary Thais up-river from Bangkok were struggling to cling onto their worldly possessions and their lives in growing flood waters, Abhisit's Democrats were stuffing their faces on food that is so damaging to the environment that even the Chinese government are seeking to ban it.

But to do so just to gurn, like drooling adolescents, at a country - and lets make no bones about this, any flood is a national crisis for Thailand, not one just for the present government - that could soon suffer loss of life is one of the most disturbing acts Abhisit's malicious gang of toadies has yet committed.

I'm sure everyone must also be wondering if Abhisit has his next Maldives holiday booked yet.


  1. Damn, everything in here is suck and bullshit. #redshirt


  3. Perhaps I am misinterpreting here, but Andrew do you not like Abhisit? Also charging him and Suthep with murder, does anyone believe that will ever fly, they are as likely as Thaksin to ever do jail time.

    Previous poster, did you believe your that poor English somehow improves by cussing and capitalizing it?


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