Saturday 8 December 2012

Abhisit at UK Parliament: Is Korn lying again?

Thailand's former Finance Minister Korn announced today on his Facebook page that both him and former Thai PM, Abhisit Vejjajiva - who was just been charged with the murder of taxi driver Phan Khamkong, during protests in 2010 - have been invited by the UK Parliament to speak about a reputable UK-based children's charity this coming Monday, 10th December.

As it is the weekend it's hard to fully confirm whether this event is taking place or not but I've been unable to find any mention of it on either the UK Parliament's own website or that of the children's charity concerned.

I did however manage to speak to my own parliamentary contacts today and they seemed to think it would be simply incredible for Abhisit to be let anywhere near the UK's lawmaking body given his recent murder charge. So one has to wonder if Korn is just making stuff up in order to bolster Abhisit's appalling public image. Obviously if Korn has lied - and I'll be speaking to the UK Parliament's press office on Monday to confirm the situation - this will only humiliate him and Abhisit further.

Shocking footage of 17yr old Thai student, Samaphan "Cher" Srithep, after being shot by Thai Army in 2010

What is also extraordinary is that Abhisit, a man who sent Thai Army snipers onto Bangkok's streets in 2010 to shoot young people and children, would use a reputable children's charity to promote himself.

Take the case of 14year old Kunakorn "Isa" Srisuwan who was shot on May 15th 2010 in central Bangkok during the bloody and brutal crackdown ordered by former PM Abhisit when pro-democracy protests were being held after his party were installed in power via court and army chicanery in 2008. Kunakorn was shot and killed by the Thai Army during the same incident which killed Phan Khamkong, the taxi driver whose murder Abhisit is being prosecuted for. 

I've posted the case of 17yr old Thai student, Samaphan "Cher" Srithep before. He was left to bleed to death on a Bangkok street after being shot, in the head, by Abhisit's Thai Army snipers. His sister's moving  account of  her brother's death should be read out to every board member of the Thai Children's Trust.
Today he was impertinent enough to go into the danger zone. Someone in there was cruel enough to shoot him until he fell. The blood from his head left a long trail. I guess he didn’t die immediately. He must have suffered immense pain. I don’t know what it feels like for a body to still be breathing, for the pulse to still be racing, while your head lies smashed on the pavement like a watermelon dropped from a great height.  
He laid there for almost an hour before the rescue people managed to bring out that faintly breathing body. The soldiers would not let anyone go in to help him. They shot everyone who tried to do so. One of the rescue people nearly got shot in the arm. 
The doctor said he died at the hospital. That shocked me and made me cry. It meant that for an unbearably long time Cher must have been aware that it was his own head lying on the pavement like a smashed watermelon. 


  1. Can I post this on Corn's page...eek eek eek

  2. stay real, abhisit is innocent until convited in court. Not the same as Taksin, who is conviction but runs away from law.


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