Monday 10 December 2012

Begging students and squirming to camera: Abhisit's UK tour falls apart

In the wake of his charge for murder, former Thai PM Abhisit is carrying on with his self-promotion tour of the UK.

However the wheels are starting to fall off. 

Over the last two days his bogus claims that he'd been invited by the UK Parliament to speak there have been exposed as deliberate misrepresentations aka lies. Even the UK Parliament's press office weighed in and said that an invitation to a reception "should not be taken as an invitation to address Parliament as a whole".

Even his talk at University College London on Sunday evening ran into problems with the organisers initially cancelling his appearance before Abhisit and Korn's team apparently pleaded throughout the early hours of Sunday morning begging for him to be allowed to talk.

Please click on this screengrab of a message from one of the UCL organisers confirming Abhisit was cancelled.

Finally he is interviewed by the BBC and finds himself confronted with someone who is not going to just let him put out his lies and follows up with some quite decent questions (if only for 5 similar foreign journalists in Bangkok). In this interview he utters a line that will complete Abhisit's enduring and well-deserved infamy - "Unfortunately Some People Died"

It's pretty much a car-wreck of an interview for Abhisit and on several occasions his false smile slips as he attempts to talk-over the interviewer and squirms in his seat.


  1. Oh please it's not that train-wreck of an interview. I'm delighted to see him facing the inquisition and squirm but his performance in the video wasn't that bad. Didn't even notice the false smiles until you mentioned it.

  2. Ok, so why haven't Abhisit or Dems posted a link to it anywhere on their social media? And why are they now having to come out and defend his comments? Remember this wasn't just aimed at a Thai audience but went out globally. And I'm sorry but Abhisit is not convincing at all in that interview - people don't just look at answers on paper but body language, facial expression etc. Abhisit looked very very uncomfortable and his answers were poor. The smiling when discussing the deaths of dozens of Thai citizens was very revealing.

  3. When I recieved my passport I had a leaflet with it that said if I had sex with a girl under 14 years of age while visiting another country I will be held accountable when I return home. Why doesn't this also apply to murder? Abhisit is a British citizen and he should face the British courts first, before being allowed to leave the country.


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