Sunday 9 December 2012

Korn: more lies about his and Abhisit's "invitation to speak at the UK Parliament"

Yesterday I blogged about Korn's grandiose Facebook claims that Abhisit and he had been invited by the UK Parliament to speak there during a reception hosted by a reputable British children's charity.

As stated yesterday after checking both the children's charity and Parliament websites I could find no mention of either Korn or Abhisit's attendance or invitation.

Korn's team have now reacted to my claims and published a photo of Korn's invitation to attend a reception at Parliament. The event is hosted by Roger Godsiff, the Labour Party MP who is chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Thailand.

Very obviously this invitation is not from the Parliament nor is it an invitation to speak. It is a simple reception invitation from an MP who acting as a host. An MP can  use the portcullis or gate symbol on headed notepaper or invites. The symbol can also be found on Parliamentary cutlery, chairs and china. Receptions like this are being hosted several times a day in the UK Parliament with a huge range of people being invited.

So let's reiterate: an invitation to a reception at Parliament is absolutely not an invitation from the UK Parliament to speak and to claim that it is, is completely absurd. In fact, over the last two months I've personally been invited to two similar receptions and at no time did I make the ludicrous claim I'd been invited to speak at the Parliament. Here’s a screengrab of an invitation emailed to me by a Labour Party MP to attend an event at Parliament about Pussy Riot. I am able, of course, to discern the difference between an invitation from an MP for me to attend an event with one from the Parliament to speak as their guest. It’s very odd Korn can’t do the same.

 Korn also claimed Abhisit was invited by the Parliament to speak. I will ask the Parliament press office tomorrow if the Parliament has invited either Korn or Abhisit to speak. I will also inform Roger Godsiff MP that Korn deliberately misrepresented his invitation to Thais and claimed it was a Parliamentary invite to speak when it was just a basic invitation to a reception.

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  1. Dear Andrew, Thank you for helping scrutinize these political hoax and revealing the ugly faces of these 'fake' elites. In the past, it may not be easy to work out the proof so cunning politicians could get away with their cheap lies at ease. I'm surprised to still see this kind of practice (i.e. telling lies to raise their public profiles) being used by this 'ice cream' gang even today. They're making fool of themselves by ignoring the power of modern era Internet.

    Kind regards,
    A political follower - เสือใต้


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